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StatHelpers has assisted many students in achieving their academic goals. Check out what some of our clients have to say about their experiences.

"I was extremely impressed with Dr. Elayne Reiss and her combination of knowledge, skills and abilities. She has the analytical competence that allows for statistical computing and interpretation of findings, all which are conveyed in an appropriate and understandable manner. The quality of analysis, the knowledge that she brings, her familiarity with the subject matter, and her ability to communicate in a friendly way all made her the perfect choice for me when finalizing my doctorate. She made finishing my dissertation within a small time frame possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Elayne Reiss to anyone in need of an intelligent and articulate statistician." - R. M. Madsen, Ed.D.

"With the help from StatHelpers, I was able to successfully complete and defend my dissertation. After working with Dr. Reiss, I was comfortable and confident while writing the methodology section and discussing the results during my defense. Her professionalism, encouragement, and willingness to work around my schedule was so important to meeting my goal. I recommend StatHelpers to anyone who needs support during this challenging section of their dissertation. This service was worth every penny!" - G. L., Ed.D.

"Thank you again for all of your help with my statistics. Your knowledge and understanding of stats and the thesis and dissertation process was very helpful. You were easy to work with, readily available, and provided information in a timely manner. I do not know how I could have done this without you!!!" - D. J. G., Ed.D.

"The Doctors are always in the house! They respond quickly and are so very patient. I could not have done my stats chapter without their coaching and patience. They get an A+ and I got my doctorate." - A. D. Diaz, Ed.D.

"I was so very pleased with the way my dissertation data was handled...and, more importantly, so were my readers! I appreciated our working relationship, personalized service, follow-up calls, one-on-one meetings and most of all, your patience and understanding. It was nice to actually work with a team of statistical experts who deeply understood data but also understood the audience most likely interested in the information I had to share. Thanks for making my data make sense!" - M. Cummings, Ed.D.

"Working with Stathelpers helped me complete my dissertation with confidence in both statistical procedures and analysis of the data. The StatHelpers communicated regularly and were available to confer with me online, on the phone, or in person. My success was their goal." - M. McMillen, Ed.D.

"I would recommend them [Elayne and Jeff] wholeheartedly. They were easy to work with and provided excellent service in a timely manner. Their ability to customize services based on customer need is what sold me." - M. Vazquez, Ed.D.

"Elayne's expertise was invaluable during the data analysis aspect of my dissertation process. Her timely emails and feedback provided me with the confidence to complete my study within a timely fashion. I would recommend Elayne to anyone!! In fact, I've recommended her to my husband to assist him with his Capstone project. I really appreciate great customer service and it is guaranteed with Elayne. Thanks, Elayne, for all of your help!!!!" - N. Odom Pough, Ed.D.